2017 MABioN Biosafety Symposium- abstract submission open
BSL3 Seminar Series – April 24-27, 2017 @ St. Paul, MN (EAGLESON INSTITUTE)
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2017 MABioN Membership Renewal & Membership Directory
Jan 19, 2017 FREE MABioN Webinar – “Creating Positive Change in Safety Culture by Mobilizing Training”

Midwest Area Biosafety Network

We represent a group of professionals dedicated to the field of biosafety within the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains regions of the United States.


New Webinar Provider - Please Read

We have switched providers for our webinar services.  We are now using GoToWebinar by Citrix.  Due to this change, our webinar registration process has changed.  You will now need to register on the GoToWebinar site separately after registering, and paying if you are a non-member, on the MABioN site.  You will receive an email after registering for a webinar with the link to register at the GoToWebinar site.  If you do not receive this email, check your spam/junk folder first, then email (support@mabion.org) us if you still don’t see the email.

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